Located just a block from the cantina, this is where Ben and Luke were stopped by those pesky stormtroopers. After having been stopped by pesky Gendarmes ourselves on a number of occasions while driving around Tunisia, we had to wonder if this scene had not been written with roadblock-weary tourists in mind.

Here's another angle. You have to use your imagination just a bit, as the filmmakers added a lot of extra domes, and set decorations, and the neighborhood has also had a bit of construction undertaken since 1977.

Located just across from the cantina, this is where Luke parked the landspeeder, as Ben explained the force's influence on the weak-minded. I wonder if the force would be of any use in avoiding the Gendarmes roadblocks?

It's hard to believe the Mos Eisley spaceport was shot on these streets as so many buildings have been removed or altered and so much set decoration was added to give the appropriate look at feel.

Another angle on Luke's parking space. Though we scoured the area in vain for lost jawas or dewbacks, by the end, we had attracted a small crowd of kids on bikes wailing "Bonjour!" Since they were all far too young to remember the filming of ANH, we were probably the craziest foreigners they had ever encountered.

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