Planet Hollywood

By Gus Lopez
Photography by Andy Bartlett and Rik Morgan

Some of the Planet Hollywood locations are blessed with original movie props and pulls from the Star Wars movies. The Planet Hollywood in Dallas is one such location as it has two notable props: the mouse droid and an Endor blaster.

Location: Dallas, Texas
Directions: Not available at this time.

This mouse droid is most likely a replica as the original is believed to exist in the Lucasfilm Archives. The Droid is made out of one of R2-D2's "feet" and features some circuit boards as ornaments on the exterior.

Planet Hollywood typically has Lucasfilm make special order repros from the Star Wars movies, and it's a good bet they pay handsomely for this service.

One of the interesting things about this photo is that the Rebel Endor Blaster is placed next to a photo of Stormtroopers holding a typical stormtrooper rifle. In other words, the prop in the photo doesn't match the prop in the showcase.

Here's a closeup of the Endor blaster used by the Rebels in Return of the Jedi. I would guess that this is most likely an actual prop as several of these were made for the filming.

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