The Royal Palace

By Gus Lopez
Photography by Kevin LaNeave

George Lucas wanted an Italian Renaissance look for the planet of Naboo in Episode I of the Star Wars saga, and the Royal Palace at Caserta fit the bill nicely. The palace was used for interior shots for the movie. The image above is taken from a postcard I received from Kevin LaNeave while he was traveling through Naples.

Location: near Naples, Italy
Directions: Not available.

Several of the prequel web sites have shots of the palace interior during filming and before filming. As usual, Lucas picked a clever style by choosing an Italian Renaissance appearance for the movies. One of the consistent patterns throughout the Star Wars movies has been the use of colors to identify with planets and affiliation. These colors are used consistently on the buildings, outfits, and decor of the various planets. For instance, Tatooine uses brown and tan tones found in a desert climate, and the Empire uses sharply contrasting black and white tones. Based on the photos that have been released thus far by Lucasfilm, The color scheme for the planet Naboo seems to be based on yellow tones, although this is only speculation at this point since so little is known by the public about the events on Naboo.

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