Hello and welcome to the Outer Rim of The Star Wars Collectors Archive. That's right, if there's a bright center to this web site, you're now at the section that it's farthest from. This doesn't mean that this column, by collector and writer Pete Vilmur, is of sub-par quality or somehow uninteresting; far from it. It simply means that it's focused primarily on the deritus of the Star Wars collecting realm-- those items you've never heard of, occasionally laughed at, or just never paid much attention to. In other words, this isn't the place to read about action figure toys, toy prototypes, or many of the other acknowledged superstars of the hobby. However, if you like your collectibles with a good dose of quirk, or you simply like to learn about new things, you're going to enjoy this feature.

Although there is no set Relics schedule, we plan to debut with new editions regularly. So check in every now and then to see what's new. Pete Vilmur is a regular contributor to the Archive. He can be reached via email at pete@toysrgus.com.

Current Edition

5/12/2002 Every Saga Has a Beginning: Star Wars Pre-Release Collectibles

Archived Editions
8/8/2001 Force Follies: Attack of the Star Wars Holiday Special
4/11/2001 4 Wheels and Darth Vader on its Hood: Toyota's Celestial Celica

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