Other Star Wars, Sci-Fi, and Collecting Web Sites
Maintained by Gus Lopez (gus@toysrgus.com)

This section of the Archive is dedicated to other sites with some relevance to Star Wars collecting, Star Wars fandom, and toy collecting in general. We've included links to most of the major dealers of vintage Star Wars merchandise, as well as to the most useful of online auction services. Additionally, there are several discussion forums listed for the benefit of those looking to interact with other collectors. For information, discussion, and classified ads regarding vintage Star Wars collectibles, the Rebelscum.com Discussion Forums are particularly recommended, and are frequented by the editors of this site.

Although we can't really list links for every Star Wars site these days, we will consider adding new sites to this list. Please e-mail us if you maintain a site that you think should be on this list.

 Star Wars Collecting Web Sites: Vintage/Current
o 12back.com
o Rebel Scum
o Behind the Toys.com
o The Star Wars Collector's Bible
o WompRat.com
o The European Star Wars Collectors Archive
o Star Wars Trading Cards

 Star Wars Collecting Web Sites: 1990 - Current
o Galactic Hunter
o Jedi Defender
o StarWarsFigures.com
o TheJawa.com
o Bootleg (Unlicensed) Star Wars Figures

 Star Wars Collecting Web Sites: Miscellaneous
o The Ohio Star Wars Collectors Club
o The Pennsylvania Star Wars Collecting Society
o The DC Metro Area Star Wars Collecting Club
o The Empire State Star Wars Collectors Club

 Miscellaneous Collectibles and Pop Culture Sites
o The Hall of Justice (The Definitive Super Powers Website)
o Shane's Archive of Tattoos and Toys
o KennerCollector.com
o Mego Museum
o The Micronauts Homepage
o Yojoe.com
o X-Entertainment
o Raving Toy Maniac

 General Star Wars Sites
o theForce.net
o Jedi Net
o Starwarz.com
o Dianoga.com

 Star Wars Fan and Niche Sites
o The Boba Fett Fan Club
o International Mark Hamill Fanclub
o www.ketzer.com
o Definitive How To Costume and Prop Building
o CreatureCantina.com

 Commercial Sites: Collectibles Retailers
o The Toy Heaven
o Toy Chamber
o The Earth Collectible Toy Mall
o SWseller.com
o Final Frontier Toys
o Brian's Toys
o Collectors Gallery
o Entertainment Earth
o Collectibles Insurance Agency
o Propstore of London

 Commercial Sites: Auction Services

 Commercial Sites: Official, Licensees, Publishers, etc.
o Official Star Wars Web Site
o LucasArts Entertainment Company
o 20th Century Fox Entertainment
o Hasbro Star Wars
o Tomart Publications
o CG Publishing Inc
o Dark Horse Comics Home Page
o Gentle Giant Ltd.
o Code 3 Collectibles
o Master Replicas
o Sideshow Collectibles
o Attakus

 Star Wars Discussion Groups & Forums
o rec.arts.sf.starwars.collecting.vintage
o rec.arts.sf.starwars.collecting.misc
o rec.arts.sf.starwars.collecting.customizing
o rec.arts.sf.starwars.misc
o The Imperial Gunnery (TIG)
o Star Wars Forums UK

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