Sonic Welding
Once the molded figure is ready to be assembled all the components are gathered. These parts typically include the head, arms, legs and the torso which is (usually) made in two halves - front and back. The parts are assembled and once clamped in the torso will not come out. In order to seal the torso so that it remains intact, it is sonic welded. Gluing could do the job as well, but that would require a separate process and additional expense. With sonic welding the assembled figure is subjected to high-frequency sound waves which vibrate the seams of the plastic and cause friction and high, focused heat. This heat actually melts or welds the figure together. The process is very clean and allows for a strong, nearly unbreakable bond to be formed.

Nein Nunb First Shot (non-sonic-welded)

Description: Chris Georgoulias