Collectors coined this term to describe the product of one step in the process of tooling the Power of the Force coins. The Kenner folks called these "rubbers". In essence, a softcopy is a silicone molding of the sculpting of the coin. The coins were generally sculpted in plaster as positives (details protruding). From the sculpting, a hardcopy would be directly cast and would be the negative image of the coin. It is from this negative hardcopy that a positive softcopy would be produced. Since the coins were sculpted at about a 4:1 ratio, the sculpting, hardcopy, and softcopy would all be around ten inches in diameter. Only the coin image would be present on these steps. The text around the circumference of the coin as well as the text and logo on the back of the coin were added in at the very last stage when the steel die would be created.

Imperial Gunner Coin Softcopy
Boba Fett Coin Softcopy
Jawas Coin Softcopy

Description: Chris Georgoulias