Shelf Talker
The term "shelf talker" refers to any type of merchandising aid, which simultaneously masks the face of a shelf and advertises the product sitting on that shelf. They can be made of just about any cheap material, but plastic and paper are by far the most common. Typically, they consist of a flap, which is designed to adhere to the shelf via some adhesive, and a graphical portion, which hangs down in front of the shelf face. The most popular shelf-talkers are those released by Kenner to promote their line of toys. Kenner issued around 10 different shelf talkers in the United States, three of which were plastic. All of the others were cardboard; some of these included pads of forms which could be ripped off and filled-out by the passing consumer. But the range of shelf talkers available to the collector is far from limited to those made by Kenner; quite a few Star Wars licensees resorted to this cheap form of signage to aid the sale of their products.

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Description: Ron Salvatore