Steve Sansweet
What can you say? Steve's transformed the hobby in a lot of ways. Sansweet started collecting in the late 1970s while working in Los Angeles for The Wall Street Journal. Since that time he's become the biggest and most reknowned collector in all the hobby, has continually expanded his storage capacity and taken a job with Lucasfilm as Director of Specialty Marketing. Much of his work entails acting as a liaison to Star Wars fans the world over, and he can often be found doing public speaking engagements at Toy and Sci-Fi shows. Sansweet's also a great writer, and he has authored or co-authored several seminal books on Star Wars, including Tomart's Priceguide to Worldwide Star Wars Collectibles, Star Wars: The Action Figure Archive, The Star Wars Scrapbook, and the incomparable Star Wars: From Concept to Screen to Collectible. He also writes regular columns in two magazines, The Star Wars Insider and Topps Star Wars Galaxy Collector. Steve can be reached through these publications; he does a regular column in one of them in which he answers collectors' questions.

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