Micro Collection
Launched in 1982, Kenner's Micro Collection was a short-lived attempt by the company to establish a new scale of figural toys. While their ultra-popular line of figures was a smash at an average height of 3.75 inches, the Micro line featured 1-inch tall figures, which were made of metal and centered around a play philosophy that was more toy soldier than action figure-- kids could set the figures up in various patterns, but there were no moving parts and no removable weapon accessories.

Unfortunately, the Micro line failed to survive into 1983, probably due to a combination of bad timing and a lack of flexibility on the part of the toys. Ultimately, ten playsets and four vehicles were issued in the line, as well as several dozen figures, some of which were exclusive to the Build Your Armies mail-away set. Several playsets that were planned for release in 1983 and beyond exist today only in prototype form, and these have become hot items on the collector market.

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Description: Ron Salvatore