Dyncast is the trade name of one type of material used to make hardcopies. Its most noticeable characteristic is its green color which makes it easy to identify. It is a 2-part urethane material that was widely used by Kenner and its contractors during the late 1970s and early 1980s. The color was a pigment added in order to show off a figure's detailing. Different shades of Dyncast hardcopies can be found and these are simply due to slightly different mixtures being used. People who had to work with Dynacast during that time period had few good words to say about it. "Nasty stuff" was uttered more than once. While it had good properties for making hardcopies, it was a beast to work with. Other materials were used during the same time period and can be found usually in a tan color. Dynacast was used most extensively when prototyping the Micro Collection. The material itself dries to be very hard, but also very brittle. It almost feels like some type of ceramic.

4-Up Micro Collection Dagobah Darth Vader Hardcopy
4-Up Micro Hoth Stormtrooper Hardcopy
Nikto Unpainted Hardcopy

Description: Chris Georgoulias