Double-Telescoping Lightsaber
Double-Telescoping or DT is the term used to define the type of lightsaber Kenner originally included with their Luke Skywalker, Ben Kenobi, and Darth Vader action figures. Very few Ben and Darth figures like this remain nowadays which suggests that the lightsaber change was done very early on and perhaps before real production kicked in. Luke Skywalker is more often found with this type of lightsaber which is most likely due to the fact that the version that was included in most Early Bird sets had this particular lightsaber.

The term notes a double action of telescoping. That is to say that the main part of the lightsaber slides out of the arm, as usual. However, the small tip further telescopes from the main part of the lightsaber. Many people believe they have a DT figure when in fact they have the standard, single-telescoping, version. All lightsabers for these three figures telescope, but the double-telescoping version is much, much rarer. The original 12-figure cardback explains how the lightsaber works and shows how the main tube protrudes from the arm and how the small tip protrudes from the main tube. 

Due to the high manufacturing cost of producing a 2-part lightsaber that required assembly, Kenner opted to mold a one-piece lightsaber that required no assembly. Kenner probably saw that a one-piece design yielded a fairly short saber and decided to leave part of the thin section to remain attached in the newer design. This gave the saber some added length and it also allowed Kenner to keep the small instructions on the cardback. However, on the later version of the cardback the saber tip is shown shortened to coincide with the one-piece lightsaber design.

There have been many excellent reproductions of these available in the past few years. While most are openly sold as reproductions, there are many scam artists out there and one should take extreme care in making sure that what they are getting is indeed an authentic saber.

Double-Telescoping Luke Skywalker
Double-Telescoping Ben Kenobi
Double-Telescoping Darth Vader

Description: Chris Georgoulias and Isaac Lew