Cromalins were an integral part of the packaging design process and were created for almost all vintage Kenner Star Wars action figures, toys, and even a few displays. They are sometimes referred to as proofs of proofs, but this isn't 100% exact. Their primary use would be for color management and correction. Many Cromalins would be marked, pointing out various suggestions and items that need to be corrected. These marked sheets were sometimes accompanied by a sign off sheet indicating what was checked and the initials (usually an illegible scribble) of who did the checking. 

In reality, Cromalin is a trade name for the DuPont material the image is printed on. It is heavy like photo paper and with a slight texture. When the design is printed on a Cromalin, the image will be quite vibrant, which makes it ideal for proofing the colors in the actual design.

Proof Card
Proof Sheet
Color Bars

Description: John Wooten and Isaac Lew