The term cardback (or card) refers to the cardboard packaging onto which a plastic blister bubble (or simply bubble) containing an action figure would be attached. Star Wars figures went through many cardbacks such as 12 backs featuring 12 action figures on the back, 21 backs featuring 21 action figures on the back, etc. There are literally hundreds of variations in the vintage line with different offers, extensions, stickers, revisions, and corrections. Collecting them all is quite the challenge.

An important aspect of a cardback is its proof-of-purchase, or more commonly: POP. For vintage Star Wars figures, this is located on the back of the card, usually on the lower right corner. Many Kenner offers required children to send away their POPs in order to receive a figure in the mail. As such, it is common today to find cardbacks that are missing their POPs. Without a POP a carded figure is reduced greatly in value, many times to less than half their normal value. More than any crease, wrinkle, or wear, a missing POP is usually shunned upon by most carded figure collectors.

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Description: Isaac Lew