"Blue Harvest" Hardcopy

A collector coined term to describe hardcopies produced in the early 1990s using original molds still in storage at Kenner. Generally, many of these hardcopies were cast for the sole purpose of selling on the secondary market and seem to have turned up in the greatest numbers between 1993-1995 and filtered throughout the market since then.  A number of different Micro Collection 4-Ups (including unproduced characters), indiviudal limbs from 3 3/4" figures and even random pieces from playsets and pre-school Ewoks were cast in this fashion. No vintage hardcopy should be blue in color! More on this subject can be ready in Chris Georgoulias' article on 12Back.com describing the differences and aspects of "Blue Harvest" pieces.

Blue Harvest
was originally the code-name for production work on Return of the Jedi (then Revenge of the Jedi); "Blue Harvest" here referes to the blue-colored urethane many of these pieces are cast from (clever name, eh?)

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Description: Steve York