Bins and Bin Header Cards
Kenner issued many different types of bin-and-header display assemblies during the vintage years, the most notable of these being related to the popular action figure line. Basically, the units consisted of a bin, which held the merchandise (many times with the help of a white plastic tray), and a backer board or "header," which described the product and featured some snappy graphics. Typically, the header cards possessed two vertical slots on their lower portions, which allowed them to be secured to the backs of their bins. Where the figure line was concerned, three distinct header card designs were issued in the States and one additional Empire Strikes Back version was released in Canada. Kenner also utilized this type of display for their Early Bird Envelope, R2-D2 plush toy, Die-Cast line of vehicles, as well as many other products. Of course, innumerable other types of bin-and-header assemblies were released in other countries, for all types of products. It is perhaps the most popular type of display.

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Description: Ron Salvatore