Items from the collection of: Andrew Boscardin

Prototypes / Action Figure Related
Empire Strikes Back
United States
___ Leia Bespin Action Figure Photoart
Prototypes / Coin
Power of the Force
United States
___ Leia Combat Poncho Coin Stage 1 Hardcopy
___ Logray Coin Stage 1 Hardcopy
___ Millennium Falcon Coin Softcopy
___ Millennium Falcon Coin Stage 1 Hardcopy
Prototypes / Prototype Packaging and Proofs
A New Hope
United States
___ Star Wars 12-Back Cromalin Proof Sheet
Toys / Action Figure Related / Small Action Figures (Licensed)
 Kenner Canada
___ Star Wars 20-Back Boba Fett
___ Star Wars 9-Pack Mini-Figures Set
___ Star Wars R5-D4, Hammerhead, Walrus Man, Luke X-Wing, Boba Fett, Power Droid, DS Droid, Snaggletooth
Droids Cartoon
United States
___ Droids Jessica Meade Unproduced Figure
___ Droids Mon Julpa Unproduced Figure
Ewoks Cartoon
United States
___ Ewoks Bondo Unproduced Figure
___ Ewoks Chief Chirpa Unproduced Figure
___ Ewoks Morag Unproduced Figure
___ Ewoks Paploo Unproduced Figure
___ Ewoks Weechee Unproduced Figure

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