Items from the collection of: Jonathan McElwain

Ceramics / Miscellaneous
A New Hope
United States
___ Unlicensed Darth Vader Ceramic Items
Food Products / Candy / Packaging
United States
___ Nestle $100,000 Chocolate Bar Wrapper
Food Products / Cereal / Packaging
Phantom Menace
___ Choco Krispies, Star Wars Game
Food Products / Cereal / Premiums
Clone Wars 3D
South America
___ Sticker: Obi-Wan (on one knee)
___ Sticker: Obi-Wan (with planet)
Phantom Menace 3D
___ Sticker: Anakin vs Sebulba
___ Sticker: Battle Droid
___ Sticker: Galactic Senate
___ Sticker: R2-D2 in Battle
South America
___ Sticker: Anakin's Podracer
___ Sticker: Jedi vs Sith

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