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Books / Young Adult
Star Wars Saga (1986-2007)
United States
___ Diversity Alliance
___ Emperor's Plague
___ Heirs of the Force
___ Jedi Bounty
___ Jedi Under Siege
___ Kenobi's Blade
___ Lightsabers
___ Lyric's World
___ Promises
___ Shadow Academy
___ Shards of Alderaan
___ The Golden Globe
___ The Lost Ones
___ Vader's Fortress
 Chronicle Books
___ ESB Mini-Illustrated Book
___ ROTJ Mini-Illustrated Book
___ SW Mini-Illustrated Book
 Guild America Books
___ Under Black Sun Hardback
___ Young Jedi: Fall of Diversity Alliance
___ Young Jedi: Rise of Shadow Academy
 Random House
___ Lost City of the Jedi
___ Mission from Mount Yoda
___ Prophets of the Dark Side
___ Queen of the Empire
___ The Glove of Darth Vader
___ Zorba the Hutt's Revenge
___ Legacy of the Jedi & Secrets of the Jedi Paperback
___ SW Episodes I-III Collector's Edition Hardback (Junior Novelization Compilation)
___ SW Episodes IV-VI Collector's Edition Hardback (Junior Novelization Compilation)
___ SW Journal: Captive of Evil
___ SW Journal: Fight for Justice
___ SW: ANH Junior Edition Paperback
___ SW: ESB Junior Edition Paperback
___ SW: ROTJ Junior Edition Paperback
Shadows of the Empire
 Pocket Junior
___ SOTE Junior Novelization Paperback
United States
___ SOTE Jr Novelization
Phantom Menace
___ Episode 1: Den Usynlige Fjende (Episode 1 Junior Novel)
___ Jedi Apprentice #1: Rising Force
___ Jedi Apprentice #2: Dark Rival
___ Jedi Apprentice #3: The Hidden Past
___ Jedi Apprentice #4: The Mark of the Crown
___ Jedi Apprentice #5: Defenders of the Dead
 Pocket Junior
___ Episode 1 Journal: Amidala
___ Episode 1 Journal: Anakin
___ Episode 1: La Menace Fantome (Episode 1 Junior Novel)
___ Les Apprentis Jedi #13: Perilleux Sauvetage (Jedi Apprentice: Dangerous Rescue) Paperback
___ Les Apprentis Jedi #6 (Jedi Apprentice) Paperback
___ Les Apprentis Jedi #7: Le Temple Assiege (Captive Temple) Paperback
___ Les Apprentis Jedi #9: Le Combat Pour La Verite (Jedi Apprentice: Fight For Truth) Paperback
___ H Miopa Toy Anakin (Anakin's Fate)
 Egmont CR
___ Jedi-Novendek #6: A Bizonytalan Osveny (Jedi Apprentice Series)
___ Jedi-Novendek #7: Az Ostromlott Templom (Jedi Apprentice Series)
___ Jedi-Novendek #8: A Kszamolas Napja (Jedi Apprentice Series)
 Panda Books
___ Episode 1 Junior Novelization Paperback
 Fabbri Editori
___ Apprendista Jedi #1: La Forza Che Cresce (Jedi Apprentice #1: Rising Force)
___ Apprendista Jedi #2: Il Rivale Oscuro (Jedi Apprentice #2: Dark Rival)
___ Apprendista Jedi #3: Il Passato Rubato (Hidden Past) Paperback
___ Apprendista Jedi #4 Il Marchio della Corona (Mark of the Crown) Paperback
___ Episode 1 Jr Novelization
 Egmont Lietuva
___ Dzedajaus Mokinys I: Kylanti Galia (Jedi Apprentice I: Rising Force)
___ Dzedajaus Mokinys II: Tamsusis Varzovas (Jedi Apprentice II: Dark Rival)
 Egmont CR
___ Pamietnik: Anakin Skywalkera (Episode 1 Journal: Anakin)
___ Pamietnik: Krolowej Amidali (Episode 1 Journal: Amidala)
___ Uszen Jedi: Krolewskie Znamie (Jedi Apprentice #4: Mark of the Crown)
___ Uszen Jedi: Obroncy Umarlych (Jedi Apprentice #5: Defenders of the Dead)
___ Uszen Jedi: Ukryta Przesztosc (Jedi Apprentice #3: The Hidden Past)
___ Jedi Apprentice #1: Rising Force Hardback
 Alberto Santos
___ Aprendiz de Jedi Vol 7: Cautivos del Templo (Jedi Apprentice #7: Captive Temple)
 Ediciones Gaviota
___ Episode 1 Jr Novelization
 Bonnier Carlsen
___ Jedi-Riddarens Largunge: Den Morka Rivalen (Jedi Apprentice #2: Dark Rival)
___ Jedi-Riddarens Largunge: Den Vaxande Kraften (Jedi Apprentice #1: Rising Force)
___ Jedi-Riddarens Largunge: I Drottningens Namn (Jedi Apprentice #4: Mark of the Crown)
___ Jedi-Riddarens Largunge: Minnet av det Fruflunta (Jedi Apprentice #3: Hidden Past)
United Kingdom
___ Episode 1 Journal: Amidala
___ Episode 1 Journal: Anakin
___ Episode 1 Junior Novelization (In Slipcase)
___ Episode 1 Junior Novelization (Paperback)
United States
 Random House
___ Anakin's Fate (Paperback)
___ Anakin's Pit Droid (Paperback)
___ Jedi Apprentice #18: The Threat Within
___ Jedi Apprentice #2: The Dark Rival
___ Jedi Apprentice Special Edition #2: The Followers
Attack of the Clones
___ Jedi Quest #7 Totuuden Hetki (Moment of Truth) Paperback
___ Jedi Quest #8 Vahdinvaihto (Changing of the Guard) Paperback
 Presses Pocket
___ AOTC Junior Novelization Paperback
 Dino Entertainment
___ Jedi Quest #1 Der Pfad der Erkenntnis Paperback
___ Jedi Quest #2 Der Weg des Padawan Paperback
___ Jedi Quest #4: Todliche Spiele Paperback
___ Jedi Quest #8: Der Augenblick der Wahrhiet Paperback
 Fabbri Editori
___ AOTC Junior Novelization Paperback
___ AOTC Junior Novelization Hardback with Jacket
United States
 Random House
___ Anakin: Apprentice
___ Jango Fett: Bounty Hunter
___ AOTC Junior Novelization Paperback
___ Jedi Quest #1: The Way of the Apprentice
___ Jedi Quest #2: The Trial Of The Jedi
___ Jedi Quest #6: The Shadow Trap
___ Jedi Quest #9: The False Peace
Clone Wars
United States
___ Boba Fett #1: The Fight to Survive Hardback
___ Boba Fett #1: The Fight to Survive Paperback
___ Boba Fett #3: Maze Of Deception
___ Boba Fett #4: Hunted
___ Boba Fett #5: A New Threat
___ Boba Fett #6: Pursuit
Revenge of the Sith
 Dino Entertainment
___ Der Letzte Jedi #3: Unterwelt (Last Jedi #3: Underworld) Paperback
___ ROTS Junior Edition Paperback
 Fabbri Editori
___ ROTS Junior Edition Paperback
___ ROTS Junior Edition Paperback
United States
___ Last of the Jedi #1: The Desperate Mission Paperback
___ Last of the Jedi #2: Dark Warning Paperback
___ Last of the Jedi #3: Underworld Paperback
___ Last of the Jedi #4: Death on Naboo
___ Last of the Jedi #5: A Tangled Web
___ Last of the Jedi #6: Return of the Dark Side
___ Last of the Jedi #7: Secret Weapon
___ Last of the Jedi #8: Against the Empire
___ Last of the Jedi #9: Master of Deception
___ ROTS Junior Edition Paperback
Star Wars Saga (2008-Present)
United States
 Amulet Books/Abrams
___ The Strange Case of Origami Yoda

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