Items from licensee: Harbert

Games / Electronic
Empire Strikes Back
___ Electronic Battle Command
Models / Plastic
A New Hope
___ Caccia TIE (Darth Vader's TIE Fighter)
___ Luke Skywalker's X-Wing
Video and Film / Projectors and Viewers
___ Mini-Cinex
___ Proiettore Festacolor
Toys / Radio-Controlled
___ Radio Controlled R2-D2 (C1P8 Radiocomandato)
Toys / Action Figure Related / Small Action Figures (Licensed)
___ Star Wars 12-Back Ben Kenobi
___ Star Wars 12-Back C1P8 (R2-D2)
___ Star Wars 12-Back Chewbacca
___ Star Wars 12-Back D3BO (C-3PO)
___ Star Wars 12-Back Darth Vader
___ Star Wars 12-Back Death Squad Commander
___ Star Wars 12-Back Han Solo
___ Star Wars 12-Back Jawa
___ Star Wars 12-Back Luke Skywalker
___ Star Wars 12-Back Princess Leia
___ Star Wars 12-Back Sand People
___ Star Wars 12-Back Stormtrooper
___ Star Wars 20-Back Death Star Droid
___ Star Wars 20-Back Greedo
___ Star Wars 20-Back Hammerhead
___ Star Wars 20-Back Luke Skywalker X-Wing Pilot
___ Star Wars 20-Back Power Droid
___ Star Wars 20-Back R5-D4
___ Star Wars 20-Back Snaggletooth
___ Star Wars 20-Back Walrusman
Empire Strikes Back
___ Empire Stikes Back 41-Back Bespin Security Guard (White)
___ Empire Stikes Back 41-Back Rebel Soldier
___ Empire Strikes Back 21-Back Boba Fett
___ Empire Strikes Back 41-Back Lando Calrissian
___ Empire Strikes Back 41-Back Princess Leia
___ Empire Strikes Back Boba Fett and Mail-Away Ad
___ Empire Strikes Back Yoda
Store Displays / Toy
___ Boba Fett Offer Window Sticker
Toys / Small Scale Toys / Vehicles
A New Hope
___ Die Cast Darth Vader's TIE Fighter
___ Die Cast Landspeeder
___ Die Cast TIE Fighter
___ Die Cast X-Wing
Toys / Action Figure Related / Vehicles
___ Landspeeder (Hovercraft Scooter)
___ X-Wing (Caccia ALA-X)

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