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Star Wars Saga (1986-2007)
___ A Birodalom Visszavag (ESB Novel) Paperback Luke on Tauntaun Art Cover
___ A Jedi Visszater (ROTJ Novel) Paperback Space Battle Art Cover
___ Csillagok Haboruja (SW Novel) Paperback Duel Art Cover
___ SW #0 Eroproba (Splinter of Mind's Eye) Paperback
___ SW #3 Han Solo Kuldetese (Lost Legacy) Paperback
___ SW #4 Han Solo Nomadjai (at Doomsday's Edge) Paperback
___ SW #5 Han Solo a Birodalmi Ugynok (Gambit) Paperback
___ SW #6 Han Solo es a Fejvadaszok (Bounty Hunters) Paperback
___ SW #7 Han Solo Haboruja (The War of Han Solo) Paperback

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