Items from licensee: Metro Games

Posters / Advertising
Star Wars Saga (1986-2007)
___ Rebel Assault II Display Poster (Rebel Pilot Walking Away)
Catalogs / Retailer
___ Metro Games Action 1996/1997 Summer Catalog
Games / Video
___ Dark Forces Computer Game For Macintosh
___ LucasArts Archives Vol II: SW Collection
___ LucasArts Archives Vol IV: SW Collection II
___ Masters of Teras Kasi (Playstation)
___ Rebel Assault Computer Game For Macintosh
___ Rebel Assault II (Playstation)
___ Rebel Assault II Computer Game For Macintosh
___ Rebellion PC CD-Rom
___ X-Wing Alliance PC CD-Rom
___ Yoda Stories Computer Game For Windows

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