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Buttons, Badges, and Pins
Revenge of the Sith
United Kingdom
___ Pins 2-Pack #1 of 11--Princess Leia/Tarfful
___ Pins 2-Pack #10 of 11--Darth Sidious/C-3PO
___ Pins 2-Pack #11 of 11--Chewbacca/Padme Amidala
___ Pins 2-Pack #2 of 11--Yoda/Mace Windu
___ Pins 2-Pack #3 of 11--Jango Fett/Obi-Wan Kenobi
___ Pins 2-Pack #4 of 11--Darth Maul/Chancellor Palpatine
___ Pins 2-Pack #5 of 11--Count Dooku/Jabba The Hutt
___ Pins 2-Pack #6 of 11--Han Solo/General Grievous
___ Pins 2-Pack #7 of 11--Anakin Skywalker/Boba Fett
___ Pins 2-Pack #8 of 11--R2-D2/Lando Calrissian
___ Pins 2-Pack #9 of 11--Luke Skywalker/Clone Trooper
___ Pins 2-Pack ('2 Free Pins')--Darth Vader/Bail Organa
___ Pins 2-Pack ('2 Free Pins')--Stormtrooper/Qui-Gon Jinn
___ SW Episode III Official 2005 Pin Collection Album (Sun/News Of The World)
___ SW Episode III Official 2005 Pin Collection Album (Sunday Telegraph/Daily Telegraph)

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