Items from licensee: Baleno

Revenge of the Sith
Southeast Asia
___ Inflatable Chair (Cartoonish Darth Vader)
___ Inflatable Chair (Cartoonish Yoda)
Household Items
Hong Kong
___ 3 Clone Troopers Hand Fan
Luggage / Shopping Bags
Hong Kong
___ Darth Vader Helmet Over Lava/ROTS Logo On Other Side Plastic Bag
Apparel / Shirts / T-Shirts
Southeast Asia
___ Clone Troopers (Four) In Rectangle Black T-Shirt
___ Clone Troopers (Four) In Rectangle Yellow T-Shirt
___ Clone Troopers (Three) In Rectangle Green T-Shirt
___ Darth Vader & Clone Trooper Back To Back In Rectangle Coruscant Skyline Mushroom T-Shirt
___ Darth Vader Helmet Looking Down, Orange Background Black T-Shirt
___ Darth Vader Helmet Looking Down, Orange Background Grey T-Shirt
___ Darth Vader Standing In Various Squares 'Vader' Yellow T-Shirt
___ Darth Vader Torso With Lightsaber In Strip With Lava T-Shirt
___ SW Logo (Orange/Yellow) Over ROTS Logo Mushroom T-Shirt
___ Yoda 'Justice' White T-Shirt

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