Items from licensee: California Lottery

Games / Card
Revenge of the Sith
United States
___ ANH Montage Lottery Card
___ ANH R2-D2 & C-3PO Lottery Card
___ AOTC 'B' Art Lottery Card
___ Darth Maul Lottery Card
___ Episode 1 'B' Art Lottery Card
___ ESB Millennium Falcon Cockpit Lottery Card
___ ESB Montage Lottery Card
___ Retailer Promotion Card (Millennium Falcon Approaching Death Star)
___ ROTJ Emperor, Darth Vader, & Troopers Lottery Card
___ ROTJ Montage Lottery Card
___ ROTS Darth Vader Helmet Over Lava Lottery Card
___ ROTS Duel Lottery Card
___ Yoda Montage Lottery Card
Coins / Miscellaneous
United States
___ C-3PO Scratchers Coin (Gold Colored)
___ Darth Vader Scratchers Coin (Black Colored)
Store Displays / Miscellaneous
United States
___ Lottery Bi-Lingual 2-Sided Display Card (You Cannot Escape Your Destiny)
___ Lottery Bi-Lingual Small 2-Sided Display Card (Do Not Underestimate The Force)
___ Lottery Coins Window Sticker
___ Lottery Counter Mat (You Cannot Escape Your Destiny)
Coins / Miscellaneous
United States
___ Luke Skywalker Scratchers Coin (Bronze Colored)
___ Princess Leia Scratchers Coin (Silver Colored)
___ R2-D2 Scratchers Coin (Gold Colored)
___ Set of 6 Scratchers Coins Limited Edition Box Set
___ Yoda Scratchers Coin (Bronze Colored)

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