Items from licensee: Auguri Mondadori

Office Supplies / Binders
Star Wars Saga (1986-2007)
___ Darth Vader With Lightsaber 4-Ring Binder
___ SW "A" Half Sheet Art 4-Ring Binder
___ SW Seito Art Like Hildebrandt Art 4-Ring Binder
___ X-Wings/Luke/Droids From SW 'A' Half Sheet Art 4-Ring Binder
Office Supplies / Folders
___ Thick Folder (SW 'C' Art)
___ Thick Folder (SW Seito Art)
Books / Journals and Diaries
___ Diario (Diary) Luke & Leia Swinging Cover Art
___ Diario (Diary) SW 'C' Art Hardback (Sept 97-May 98)
Office Supplies / Notebooks
___ SW 'A' Art Left Half (Vader Helmet Over Award Ceremony) Exercise Book
___ SW 'A' Art Right Half (X-Wings Over Luke Face & Droids) Exercise Book

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