Items from licensee: Victoria Manufacturing Co.

Apparel / Headgear / Baseball Caps
Phantom Menace
United Kingdom
___ Embroidered Gold SW Episode 1 Logo Black Satin Baseball Hat
___ Glitter SW Episode 1 Logo in Vinyl Oval Black Baseball Hat
___ Large Embroidered Naboo Starfighter Navy Baseball Hat
___ Large Embroidered Trade Federation Starfighter Baseball Hat
___ Metal Plate with SW Episode 1 Logo on Grey Baseball Hat with Rubbery Bill
Revenge of the Sith
United Kingdom
___ Flames Creating Darth Vader Helmet On Front & Bill Of Black Baseball Hat (Neck Flap With Vader)
Apparel / Gloves
Phantom Menace
United Kingdom
___ SW Logo In Gold On Black Gloves
Apparel / Headgear / Knit
United Kingdom
___ Darth Maul Face No Outline with Name Cap with Ear Flaps

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