Items from licensee: Yamakatsu/Topps

Household Items
Return of the Jedi
___ Wicket, R2-D2, & C-3PO Welcome/Stop Sign
Store Displays / Miscellaneous
A New Hope
___ Gamble Book Counter Display Box
___ Trading Card Pack Vinyl Hanging Display
___ Trading Cards (Small) Counter Display Box
Posters / Premium
Return of the Jedi
___ Return of the Jedi Yamakatsu R2-D2/C-3PO Poster
Luggage / Shopping Bags
___ Luke & Leia on Sail Barge Paper Bag
Trading Cards and Discs
A New Hope
___ 3PO, Leia, & Rebel watch monitors
___ Ben w/saber & Explosion
___ Character Montage Mini-Card Wallet/Folder
___ Chewbacca Torso
___ Dogfight Oversize Trading Card w/Envelope
___ Escape Pod in Space
___ Gamble Book
___ Han & Chewbacca Firing
___ Han & Chewie Standing
___ Han w/Pistol
___ Han, Luke, & Chewie (Close-up) walking at Ceremony
___ Han, Luke, & Chewie (Far Shot) walking at Ceremony
___ Jawa
___ Leia and Luke w/Gun aimed
___ Luke & 3PO check for Sandpeople
___ Luke Checks out R5-D4 (hand down)
___ Luke Checks out R5-D4 (hand up)
___ Luke climbs ladder into X-Wing
___ Luke points out something to 3PO
___ Luke Standing by X-Wing
___ Luke/Ben/3PO on Tatooine
___ R2 & 3PO on Tatooine
___ R2-D2 & C-3PO at Ceremony
___ R2-D2 on Tatooine
___ R2-D2/C-3PO in Death Star Control Room
___ R2/3PO & Speeder wait outside Cantina
___ R2/3PO on Rebel Blockade Runner
___ Rebels raise R2 in X-Wing
___ Space Battle Mini-Card Wallet/Folder
___ Stormtrooper in Tunnel Firing
___ Stormtroopers around Falcon Ramp
___ Three Stormtroopers
___ TIE shooting X-Wing
___ Trooper on Dewback
___ Troopers on Tatooine
___ Tusken on Bantha
___ Tusken on Bantha--"Winner" Card
___ Tusken Raider
___ Unopened Pack
___ Vader on Rebel Blockade Runner
___ Wrapper--clear celo w/Red/Blue Header card
___ X-Wing vs Darth Vader's TIE Fighter
___ X-Wings in Hanger
Return of the Jedi
___ ROTJ 3-Lamy Card Pack "A"
___ ROTJ 3-Lamy Card Pack "B"

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