Items from licensee: Letraset

Office Supplies / Binders
A New Hope
United Kingdom
___ X-Wing/Darth Vader's TIE Fighter Binder
Store Displays / Miscellaneous
United Kingdom
___ SW Letraset Counter Display Box
Office Supplies / Notebooks
United Kingdom
___ C-3PO & R2-D2 With Holograph Leia Writing Pad For Intergalactic Messages
___ C-3PO's Excercise Book
___ Character Montage Scrap Book
___ Chewbacca's Space Notes
___ Princess Leia's Rebel Jotter
___ R2-D2's Memory Bank
___ Stormtrooper Manual
Office Supplies / Stationery
United Kingdom
___ Envelopes 12pk
___ R2-D2 Space Writing Set
Event Collectibles / Licensee and Retailer / Toy Fair
United Kingdom
___ SW 1978 Toy Fair Memo Pad
Crafts / Transfers
___ Bataille a Moz Essly (Battle at Mos Eisley) (Printed French Logo)
___ Battle At Mos Eisley (UK Letraset with French Logo Sticker)
___ Escape From Death Star (UK Letraset with French Logo Sticker)
___ Evasion de l'Etoile Noir (Escape From Death Star) (Printed French Logo)
___ La Guerre Inter-Galaxies (Rebel Air Attack) (Printed French Logo)
___ Rebel Air Attack (UK Letraset with French Logo Sticker)
___ Parte 10: L'Ultima Battaglia Rub-Down Transfers
___ Parte 1: Rapimento Della Principessa Leia Rub-Down Transfers
___ Parte 2: Mercato A Tattooine Rub-Down Transfers
___ Parte 3: Battaglia A Mos Eisley Rub-Down Transfers
___ Parte 4: Fuga Dalle Truppe D'Assalto Rub-Down Transfers
___ Parte 5: Volo Verso Alderan Rub-Down Transfers
___ Parte 6: All'Interno Del Planeta Della Morte Rub-Down Transfers
___ Parte 7: Evasione Dalla Prigione Rub-Down Transfers
___ Parte 8: Fuga Dal Planeta Della Morte Rub-Down Transfers
___ Parte 9: Base Aerea Ribelle Rub-Down Transfers
United Kingdom
___ Battle at Mos Eisley Transfers
___ Escape from Death Star Transfers
___ Part 10: Last Battle Transfers
___ Part 1: Kidnap of Leia Transfers
___ Part 2: Sale on Tatooine Transfers
___ Part 3: Action at Mos Eisley Transfers
___ Part 4: Escape from Stormtroopers Transfers
___ Part 5: Flight to Alderaan Transfers
___ Part 6: Inside the Death Star Transfers
___ Part 7: Prison Break Out Transfers
___ Part 8: Death Star Escape Transfers
___ Part 9: Rebel Air Base Transfers
___ Rebel Air Attack Transfers

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