Items from licensee: Rolf Schultz

Buttons, Badges, and Pins
Return of the Jedi
___ 2 TIE's & X-Wing Art Button
___ 3 TIE's Art Button
___ Baby Ewok Button
___ Baby Ewoks Art Button
___ C-3PO Button
___ Darth Vader Torso Button
___ Gamorrean Guard Button
___ Han Solo (Face) Button
___ Han Solo with Blaster Button
___ Jabba the Hutt Button
___ Lando Calrissian Button
___ Leia, Han, Ben, Yoda, Luke, R2, 3PO Art Button
___ Luke Skywalker Button
___ Luke, Leia, Han on Endor Button
___ Lumat (Hooded Ewok) Button
___ Max Rebo Button
___ Paploo Button
___ Princess Leia Button
___ Rebo Band Art Button
___ Retailer Tray with 100 buttons
___ ROTJ 'A' Art
___ Royal Guard Button
___ Star Destroyer Button
___ Struzan Teaser Art Button
___ Sy Snootles Button
___ Vader & 2 guards Art Button
___ Wicket, R2-D2, & C-3PO (Green Background) Button
___ X-Wing with Thrusters & TIE Art Button
___ Yoda Button
Stickers / Sheets
___ ROTJ Sticker Pack (Darth Vader & Royal Guards Art to Yoda)
___ ROTJ Sticker Pack (Lando To Gamorrean Guard)
___ ROTJ Sticker Pack (Large Poster Art, Small--Paploo To X-Wing Art)
___ ROTJ Sticker Pack (Large Star Destroyer & Ewoks Art, Small--Darth Vader To Heroes Art)
___ ROTJ Sticker Pack (Struzan Revenge Teaser Art)

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