Items from licensee: Kinder/Ferrero

Posters / Advertising
Star Wars Saga (1986-2007)
___ Kinder Hippo Darth Vader Display Poster
___ Kinder SW Character Hippo Montage Display Poster
Store Displays / Food / Miscellaneous Food
___ 4-Sided Hippo Dump Header
___ Hippos Counter Display Box
___ Jango Fett Hippo Picket Sign
___ Kinder Eggs/SW Hippos Display Box
___ Kinder Eggs/SW Hippos Display Tray
___ Yoda Hippo Shelf Talker
Food Products / Candy / Packaging
___ Jumbo Kinder Egg with Cardstock Sleeve & Blue Bow
___ Jumbo Kinder Egg with Cardstock Sleeve & Red Bow
___ Jumbo Kinder Egg with Cardstock Wrap-Around Bow
Switzerland / Austria
___ Kinder Chocolate Bar 8 Sticks Box (Lego Contest)
___ Kinder Surprise Chocolate Eggs 3pk Box 1 of 3 (SW Hippos)
Food Products / Candy / Premiums
___ Aubacca PVC Figure
___ C-3Hippo PVC Figure
___ Darth Vader Hippo PVC Figure
___ Erzwo (R2) Hippo Friction Toy
___ Erzwo-Deeto PVC Figure
___ Grey Darth Vader Hippo PVC Figure Variant
___ Han Hippo PVC Figure
___ Hippo Landspeeder
___ Hippo Puzzle
___ Hippo Tile Game With Cloth Game Mat
___ Hippo Tiny Comic With Stand
___ Hippoda PVC Figure
___ Jango Hippo PVC Figure
___ Leia Hippo PVC Figure
___ Luke Hippo PVC Figure
___ Millennium Falcon Box with Hippo PVC Figure Salesman Sample Set
___ Obi-Wan Hippo PVC Figure
___ Plush Aubacca Hippo
___ Plush Hippoda Hippo

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