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Books / Childrens
Empire Strikes Back
___ ESB Storybook (C-3PO)
___ ESB Storybook (Luke and Yoda)
Books / Novels
A New Hope
___ Die Neuen Abenteuer des Luke Skywalker (Splinter Of The Mind's Eye) Paperback
___ Han Solo Auf Stars' End (Han Solo At Stars' End) Paperback
___ Han Solo und das Verlorene Vermachtnis (Han Solo and the Lost Legacy) Grey Border Cover
___ Han Solo und das Verlorene Vermachtnis (Han Solo and the Lost Legacy) No Border Cover
___ Han Solos Rache (Han Solo's Revenge) Paperback
___ Krieg der Sterne (SW Novel Hardback)
___ Krieg der Sterne (SW Novel Paperback)
___ Krieg der Sterne (SW Novel Paperback) with yellow triangle corner '7 Oscars'
Empire Strikes Back
___ ESB Novel Paperback (ESB 'A' Art Cover)
___ ESB Novel Paperback (Luke/Yoda/Tauntaun Art Cover)
___ ESB Novel Trade Paperback
Return of the Jedi
___ ROTJ Novel Hardback (Luke On Sail Barge Cover)
___ ROTJ Novel Hardback with Jacket (Orange Border Luke on Sail Barge Photo Cover)
___ ROTJ Novel Paperback ('A' Art Cover)
Star Wars Saga (1986-2007)
___ Das Letzte Kommando (Last Command) Paperback
___ Die Dunkle Seite der Macht (Dark Force Rising) Paperback
___ Die Star Wars Saga Paperback
___ Erben des Imperiums (Heir to Empire) Paperback
___ Han Solos Abenteuer (All 3 Han Solo Novels) Paperback, Red Cover
___ Lando Calrissian Rebell des Sonnensystems (all 3 novels) Oversize Paperback
___ Skywalkers Ruckkehr (Splinter of the Mind's Eye) Paperback
___ Sturm uber Tatooine (Tales From Mos Eisley) Paperback
___ X-Wing: (Bacta War) Paperback
___ X-Wing: (Rogue Squadron) Paperback
___ X-Wing: Die Mission der Rebellion (Wedge's Gamble) Paperback
___ X-Wing: Die Teuflische Falle (Krytos Trap) Paperback
___ X-Wing: Komando Han Solo (Solo Command) Paperback
Star Wars Special Editions
___ ESBSE Novel Paperback
___ ROTJSE Novel Paperback
___ SWSE Novel Paperback
___ Trilogy Novel Compilation (SW,ESB,ROTJ) Hardback
Books / Young Adult
Star Wars Saga (1986-2007)
___ Young Jedi #1: Die Huter der Macht (Heirs of the Force) Paperback
___ Young Jedi #2: Akadiemie der Verdhammten (Shadow Academy) Paperback
___ Young Jedi #3: Die Verlorenen (Lost Ones) Paperback
___ Young Jedi #4: Lichtschwerter (Lightsabers) Paperback
___ Young Jedi #5: Die Ruckkehr der Dunklen Ritters (Darkest Knight) Paperback
___ Young Jedi #6: Angriff Auf Yavin 4 (Jedi Under Siege) Paperback

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