Items from licensee: DecoPac/ Foods

Kitchen / Cake Decorating Supplies
Phantom Menace
United States
___ Darth Maul Cake Kit
Catalogs / Flyers
Attack of the Clones
United States
___ Flyer
Food Products / Miscellaneous / Packaging
United States
___ Edible Cake Topper Scene--Anakin Flanked By Clone Troopers
___ Edible Cake Topper Scene--Jango Fett Over Heroes Montage
Food Products / Miscellaneous / Premiums
Star Wars Saga (1986-2007)
United States
___ C-3PO Plastic Ring
___ Darth Vader Plastic Ring
___ R2-D2 Plastic Ring
Food Products / Candy / Premiums
Attack of the Clones
United States
___ Darth Vader With Lightsaber PVC Figurine
___ Jango Fett PVC Figurine
___ Lenticular Anakin/Vader Helmet Back Pack Tag
___ Obi-Wan With Lightsaber PVC Figurine
___ Slave I on Kamino Backdrop
Food Products / Miscellaneous / Premiums
Revenge of the Sith
United States
___ Anakin/Darth Vader Spinner
___ Darth Vader Cupcake Topper
___ Darth Vader Mask Cake Topper
___ Darth Vader Voice Converter Key Ring
___ SW Logo Cupcake Topper
___ Yoda Cupcake Topper
Store Displays / Food / Snack
Attack of the Clones
United States
___ Jango/Anakin/Droids SW Cakes Counter Standee

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