Items from film: Wicket the Ewok

Crafts / Transfers
United States
 American Publishing Co
___ Ewok Village Prestomagix Boxed Set
___ Ewoks at Home Prestomagix Boxed Set
___ Ewoks at Play Prestomagix
Apparel / Underwear
___ Baby Ewoks White Panties
___ Baby Ewoks White Undershirt
___ Wicket Powder Blue Panties
___ Wicket Powder Blue Undershirt
United States
 Union Underwear
___ Kneesaa on Baga with Wicket Underoos
Greeting Cards / Valentines
United States
 Drawing Board
___ Ewoks Box Valentine Cards 32-Pack (Wicket and Kneesaa Climbing Vine)
___ Wicket the Ewok Box Valentines Cards 32-Pack (Wicket Swinging on Vine)
Luggage / Wallets
United States
 Adam Joseph
___ Princess Kneesaa Vinyl Wallet
___ Wicket Vinyl Wallet
Bedroom / Wallpaper
United States
 Wallpaper To Go
___ Ewok Border
Watches and Clocks
United States
___ Whistle Time Wicket The Ewok (Whistle With Digital Clock)
Party / Wrapping Paper
United States
 Drawing Board
___ Ewoks Hang-Gliding Gift Wrap, Flat
___ Ewoks Hang-Gliding Gift Wrap, Roll

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