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A New Hope
United States
 Boy Scouts of America
___ Cross Timbers District Cub Scout Field Day 1978
Star Wars Saga (1986-2007)
 501st Legion
___ Anz Garrison Stormtrooper Helmet
___ In Memoriam TK-5211 Ross Cole
___ Outpost 42 Stormtrooper Helmet
___ Terror Australis Squad Stormtrooper as Kangaroo
___ Terror Australis Squad Stormtrooper Helmet
___ Austrian Outpost
___ Belgian Garrison (cross hairs)
___ Belgian Garrison (round with text)
___ Belgian Garrison (round)
___ Fanwars Garrison South Belgium
Benelux Countries
 Rebel Legion
___ Rebel Legion Benelux
 501st Legion
___ Divisão Brasil
___ Badlands Garrison Alberta Canada
___ Badlands Squadron Alberta Canada
___ Canadian Imperial Logo (black border)
___ Canadian Imperial Logo (gray)
___ Canadian Imperial Logo (white border)
___ Canadian Imperial Logo large patch
___ The Outer Rim Squad British Columbia
 Rebel Legion
___ Rebel Logo Canada
Costa Rica
 501st Legion
___ Costa Rica Outpost
___ 501st German-Italian Friendship
 Rebel Legion
___ Rebel Legion Europe
 501st Legion
___ French Garrison (black/white)
___ French Garrison (oval)
___ French Garrison (round, red/white/blue)
___ French Garrison Remember Celebration III
___ In Memoriam TI6661 Jean Christophe Trogneux
 Rebel Legion
___ The Rebel Legion French Base
 501st Legion
___ German Garrison (round, black)
___ German Garrison (round, white)
___ German Garrison large round patch
___ German Garrison Shield
___ German Garrison White Shadows Western Squad
Germany / Austria / Switzerland
 Rebel Legion
___ Rebel Legion German Base Yavin
Hong Kong
 501st Legion
___ Hong Kong Shadow Outpost
___ 501st Legion Clover Leaf
___ Israel Outpost
___ Italica Garrison Stormtrooper profile
 Rebel Legion
___ Rebel Legion Base Italiana
 501st Legion
___ Japanese Garrison (round, blue)
___ Japanese Garrison (round, gray)
___ Japanese Garrison (round, purple)
___ Japanese Garrison (round, red)
___ Malaysia-Brunei Outpost
___ Mexico Fighting 501st Legion
___ Mexicon Garrison Stormtrooper Helmet (gray)
___ Mexicon Garrison Stormtrooper Helmet (white)
___ Monaco Outpost (black border)
___ Monaco Outpost (black/red)
___ Monaco Outpost (gold border)
___ Dutch Outpost Stormtrooper Helmet
___ Dutch Outpost Stormtrooper Helmets
___ Philippine Outpost
___ Polish Outpost (gray)
___ Polish Outpost (white)
Saudi Arabia
___ Saudi Arabia 501st Legion
___ Saudi Arabia 501st Outpost (brown)
___ Saudi Arabia 501st Outpost (green)
Scandinavian Countries
___ Nordic Garrison (round, flag colors)
___ Nordic Garrison (shield, white/blue)
___ Nordic Garrison (shield, white/gray)
___ Nordic Garrison Celebration Invasion
___ Singapore Outpost
___ Barcelona Squad
___ Spanish Garrison Stormtrooper torso
 Rebel Legion
___ Rebel Legion Spanish Base
 501st Legion
___ Swiss Garrison Mountain
___ Swiss Stormtrooper Garrison
___ 501st Legion Taiwan
United Kingdom
___ Celebration Europe Stormtrooper
___ In Memoriam TK150-7 Graham Campbell
___ UK Garrison Macau 2005
___ UK Stormrtooper Shooting
___ Weekend From Hell April 2005
 Rebel Legion
___ Rebel Legion UK
___ UK Garrison Rebel Alliance
 Royal Air Force
___ Operation Desert Storm Tornado Jan 1991
United States
 501st Legion
___ 0711 SEK
___ 1st Imperial Stormtrooper Det.
___ 327 (black/red/yellow)
___ 501st Legion Garrison Titan
___ 501st Legion large Stormtrooper logo (large gray border)
___ 501st Legion large Stormtrooper logo (small gray border)
___ 501st Legion Stormtrooper (black/red, black border)
___ 501st Legion Stormtrooper (black/red, red border)
___ 501st Legion Stormtrooper Profile (blue/black)
___ 501st Legion Vader's Fist logo outline patch
___ 501st Legion Vader's Fist rectangular patch
___ 501st Mandalorians (olive/orange)
___ 501st Mandalorians (red/white)
___ 501st Michigan Star Destroyer (blue lettering)
___ 501st Michigan Star Destroyer (blue/white lettering)
___ 501st Michigan Star Destroyer (gold lettering)
___ 501st Patch Traders '07 Events
___ 501st Patch Traders (blue/black/white)
___ 501st Patch Traders Shield
___ 501st Patch Traders Stormtrooper pointing rifle
___ 501st Pathfinders Biker Scout
___ 501st Special Ops (gray)
___ 501st Special Ops (red)
___ 70th Explorers Squadron Missouri-Kansas/Terra/Sol
___ 725
___ Alaskan 501st Outpost Aurora Borealis
___ Alaskan 501st Outpost Aurora Borealis (Aurebesh)
___ Alpine Garrison Mustafar Squad
___ Alpine Garrison Star Destroyer
___ Arma Candida Squad
___ Armored Cavalry Detachment AT-AT Drivers
___ Armored Cavalry Detachment AT-ST, AT-AT, Imperial Logo
___ Bast Alpha Squad (red)
___ Bast Alpha Squad (yellow)
___ Black Widows
___ Blizzard Force Logo
___ Blizzard Force Snowtrooper Helmet
___ Bloodfin Garrison Checkered Flag
___ Bloodfin Garrison Round
___ Boushh Builders (brown)
___ Boushh Builders (yellow)
___ Carolina Garrison Shield
___ Carolina Garrison Stormrtooper (black)
___ Carolina Garrison Stormrtooper (blue)
___ Carolina Garrison Stormrtooper (red)
___ Central California Garrison Arm & Blaster large patch
___ Central California Garrison Arm & Blaster round patch
___ Central California Garrison Logo and Arm Outline
___ Central California Garrison Rose Parade
___ Central California Garrison V (black/red) round patch
___ Central California Garrison V (white/red) round patch
___ Central Garrison (round, black/blue/gray)
___ Central Garrison (round, red/white/blue)
___ Clone Trooper Detachment (black/blue)
___ Clone Trooper Detachment (black/orange)
___ Clone Trooper Detachment (black/red)
___ Clone Trooper Detachment (black/white)
___ Clone Trooper Detachment (camo)
___ Clone Trooper Detachment (gray, yellow, blue)
___ Clone Trooper Detachment (green)
___ Clone Trooper Detachment (purple)
___ Clone Trooper Detachment (red)
___ Clone Trooper Detachment large patch
___ Cloud City Garrison Oregon/SW Washington large
___ Cloud City Garrison Oregon/SW Washington Shield
___ Cloud City Garrison small
___ Cloud City Squad Portland/Vancouver
___ Coastal Hammer
___ Coltstrooper
___ Connecticut Garrison
___ Coruscant Fire Brigade 9-11-01
___ Daala's Death Squad Lady Legionnaires
___ Darth Maul Estrogen Brigade
___ Dune Sea Garrison Arizona (round, black border)
___ Dune Sea Garrison Arizona (round, gray border)
___ Dune Sea Garrison Arizona (round, Sandtrooper)
___ Empire City Garrison Round
___ Empire City Garrison Shield
___ Everglades Squad (round, green)
___ Everglades Squad Probot (dark green Imperial logo)
___ Everglades Squad Probot (light green Imperial logo)
___ Femme Fetts Dressed to Kill!!!
___ Femtroopers Looks Can Kill
___ Flagship Eclipse Detachment
___ Florida Garrison (round, blue)
___ Florida Garrison (round, blue/black)
___ Florida Garrison (round, blue/gray)
___ Florida Garrison (round, gold)
___ Florida Garrison (round, gray)
___ Florida Garrison (round, green)
___ Florida Garrison (round, red)
___ Florida Garrison (round, red, black border)
___ Florida Garrison Squad Seven Shield
___ Garrison Carida Imperial Logo
___ Garrison Carida Stormtrooper Pointing
___ Garrison Excelsior Clonetrooper
___ Georgia Garrison Stormtrooper in shape of Georgia
___ Georgia Garrison Stormtrooper Shield
___ Golden Gate Garrison NCA
___ Holmes & Watson Troopers
___ Humpty Dance Garrison
___ I Met TK118 @ Celebration 4
___ Imperial Academy Garrison Carida
___ Imperial Academy Stormtrooper with Drill Sergeant Hat
___ Imperial Gunnery Corps (blue logo)
___ Imperial Gunnery Corps (green logo)
___ Imperial Gunnery Corps (two-tone blue logo)
___ Imperial Logo Mountain Silhouette
___ Imperial Logo with ornate geometric patterns
___ Imperial Logo with Symbols
___ Imperial Officer Corps Circular Patch
___ Imperial Officer Corps Triangular Patch
___ In Memoriam Christian Stafford
___ In Memoriam TI-6381 Chanel Vanecek
___ In Memoriam TK-4259 Amy Santos
___ Iraq Detachment
___ Jester S873
___ Jester's Rough Riders
___ Juneau Halloween Bash 2007 Alaskan Outpost
___ Krayt Clan
___ Krayt Clan 501st Detachment
___ Makaze (dark gray)
___ Makaze (gray)
___ Makaze (red)
___ MEPD
___ Michigan Squad Midwest Garrison Snowflake (blue/blue)
___ Michigan Squad Midwest Garrison Snowflake (blue/yellow)
___ Michigan Squad Midwest Garrison Snowflake (green/green)
___ Midsouth Garrison (round, gray)
___ Midsouth Garrison (round, yellow)
___ Midwest Garrison (round, black)
___ Midwest Garrison (round, blue)
___ Midwest Garrison (round, gray)
___ Midwest Garrison (round, red)
___ Midwest Garrison (round, red/black)
___ Mile High Squad Mountain Garrison
___ Moisture Farm Patrol
___ Mos Eisley Police Department Sandtrooper Detachment
___ Mos Eisley Spaceport (shield, brown)
___ Mos Eisley Spaceport (shield, gray)
___ Motorcity Troopers
___ Neon City Garrison
___ New England Darth Vader
___ New England Round
___ New Mexico 66 Dewback Ridge Squad Mountain Garrison
___ No Bounty on Your Fat Carcass
___ Northeast Remnant (black/red)
___ Northeast Remnant (gray)
___ Ohio Garrison (round, black)
___ Ohio Garrison (round, blue)
___ Ohio Garrison 10th Anniversary
___ Old Line Garrison
___ Omega Wing Bloodreign Squadron
___ Omega Wing Combat Search and Rescue Vampire Squad
___ Omega Wing Eagle Squad
___ Omega Wing Fury Squad
___ Omega Wing Phantom Squad
___ Omega Wing Reaper Squad
___ Omega Wing Triton Squad
___ Omega Wing We Fly You Die
___ Pacific Outpost
___ Pacific Outpost Surfboard
___ Pacific Outpost Surfboard large patch
___ Parjai Squad (gray)
___ Parjai Squad (orange)
___ Parjai Squad Order 66 Kill the Jedi
___ Pikes Peak Squad
___ Pirate Flag
___ R2-KT The Pink Imperial Droid with the Heart of Gold
___ Rough Riders
___ San Diego Squad Stormtrooper with Surfboard (Aurebesh)
___ San Diego Squad Stormtrooper with Surfboard (English)
___ Semper Tyranus
___ Sith Cheerleaders
___ Sith Lord Detachment (Darth Maul)
___ Sith Lord Detachment (Darth Vader)
___ Skaught-Con 2007
___ Skull and Crossbones over Imperial Logo
___ Snowy Range Squadron
___ South Florida TIE Fighter Corps
___ Southern California Garrison (gray)
___ Southern California Garrison (tan, aurebesh)
___ Southern Outpost
___ Southern Outpost 5th Anniversary
___ Southern Outpost in Aurebesh
___ Southern Outpost large patch
___ Sovereign Protectors
___ Squad 5280 Shield
___ Star Garrison North Texas Squad Stormtrooper on Armadillo
___ Star Garrison round patch
___ Star Garrison shield patch
___ Star Garrison South Texas Squad Stormtrooper on Scorpion
___ Star Wars Celebration IV Invasion
___ Stormtrooper in Corridor
___ Stormtrooper on Dewback Silhouette (brown)
___ Stormtrooper on Dewback Silhouette (red)
___ Stormtrooper on Dewback Silhouette Alabama
___ Stormtrooper on Dewback Silhouette Flag
___ Support Our Troops
___ Tampa Bay Squadron Anchors
___ Tampa Bay Squadron Stormtrooper and Palm Trees
___ Team Pulse Rifle Here, Hold This!
___ Thanksgiving Day Parade 501st Legion Michigan Squad
___ The Elvis Trooper (black and white)
___ The Wrapped Heads Dengar
___ TK Bear
___ TK118's Groupies
___ Trooper Groupies Silhouette
___ UK Garrison Event American Adventure Theme Park
___ Virginia Garrison Tyranus
___ Volunteer Garrison Kentucky/Tennessee
___ White Shadows 1st Anniversary
 Boy Scouts of America
___ 2007 World Jamboree (Darth Vader, World Citizenship)
___ 2007 World Jamboree (Yoda, Friendship & Scout Spirit)
___ 2007 World Jamboree (Yoda, Respect & Understanding)
___ Berkeley Michigan Pack 1081
___ FCC Powahay District Spring 1995 Camporee
___ Los Angeles Council / Siwinis Lodge 252 NOAC 2000 Set
___ Marin Council '97 National Jamboree (gold border)
___ Marin Council '97 National Jamboree (green border)
___ Marin National Jamboree 2001

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