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Prototypes / Action Figure Related
Return of the Jedi
United States
___ Weequay (on ESB Zuckuss Card) Carded Sample
Toys / Action Figure Related / Small Action Figures (Licensed)
___ Trilogo Biker Scout/R5-D4 Miscard
___ Trilogo Han Solo (Original)/ Han Solo (Bespin Attire) Miscard
___ Trilogo Klaatu/Klaatu Skiff Guard Miscard
___ Trilogo Luke Jedi/Ben Kenobi Miscard
___ Trilogo Weequay/Warok Miscard
United Kingdom
___ Return of the Jedi 65-Back Klaatu (2 Bubbles and 2 Staffs)
___ Return of the Jedi Chewbacca/Darth Vader Miscard

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