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Event Collectibles / Public / Conventions / 1st Mexican Collectors Convention
Star Wars Saga (1986-2007)
 Universo Star Wars
___ 1st Collector's SW Con Baseball Hat (gold visor edge)
___ 1st Collector's SW Con Baseball Hat (red visor edge)
___ 1st Collector's SW Con Baseball Hat (white visor edge)
___ 1st Collector's SW Con Crew Baseball Hat
___ 1st Collector's SW Con Exhibitor Pass (Vinyl Cape Jawa)
___ 1st Collector's SW Con Fan Club Pass (Yak Face)
___ 1st Collector's SW Con Knit Polo Shirt
___ 1st Collector's SW Con Poster (Darth Vader Carry Case)
___ 1st Collector's SW Con Press Pass (Lobot)
___ 1st Collector's SW Con Program
___ 1st Collector's SW Con Saturday Pass (Small Head Han Solo)
___ 1st Collector's SW Con Security Pass (Gamorrean Guard)
___ 1st Collector's SW Con Staff Pass (Stormtrooper)
___ 1st Collector's SW Con Staff T-Shirt
___ 1st Collector's SW Con Sunday Pass (Chewbacca)
___ 1st Collector's SW Con T-Shirt
___ 1st Collector's SW Con Two Day Pass (Boba Fett)
___ 1st Collector's SW Con VIP Pass (Yoda)
___ Lili Ledy Empire Strikes Back Convention T Shirt
Costumes and Masks / Accessories
United States
___ Extendable Lightsaber (blue)
___ Extendable Lightsaber (green)
___ Extendable Lightsaber (red)
Coins / Action Figure
Droids Cartoon
United States
___ A-Wing Pilot
___ Admiral Screed [silver]
___ Boba Fett
___ C-3PO [Droids, silver, no Droids logo TM]
___ C-3PO [Droids, silver]
___ C-3PO [Droids]
___ C-3PO [Protocol Droid]
___ Jann Tosh
___ Jann Tosh [silver, host prince typo]
___ Jann Tosh [silver, no Droids logo TM]
___ Jann Tosh [silver]
___ Jord Dusat
___ Jord Dusat [silver, no Droids logo TM]
___ Jord Dusat [silver]
___ Kea Moll
___ Kea Moll [silver, no Droids logo TM]
___ Kea Moll [silver]
___ Kez Iban [no dash]
___ Kez Iban [silver, Jan Josh typo]
___ Kez Iban [silver, no dash]
___ Kez-Iban [dash]
___ Kez-Iban [silver, dash]
___ Kleb Zellock [gold]
___ Mon-Julpa [silver]
___ R2-D2
___ R2-D2 [silver, no Droids logo TM]
___ R2-D2 [silver]
___ Sise Fromm
___ Sise Fromm [silver, Tig Fromm back]
___ Sise Fromm [silver]
___ Thall Joben
___ Thall Joben [silver, no Droids logo TM]
___ Thall Joben [silver]
___ Tig Fromm
___ Tig Fromm [silver]
___ Uncle Gundy
___ Uncle Gundy [silver, Jann Josh typo]
___ Uncle Gundy [silver]
___ Vlix [silver, Villain]
___ Vlix [silver, Villian]
Ewoks Cartoon
United States
___ Dulok Scout
___ Dulok Scout [silver with Droids logo]
___ Dulok Scout [silver]
___ Dulok Shaman
___ Dulok Shaman [silver with Droids logo]
___ Dulok Shaman [silver]
___ King Gorneesh
___ King Gorneesh [silver with Droids logo]
___ King Gorneesh [silver]
___ Logray
___ Logray [silver with Droids logo]
___ Logray [silver]
___ Urgah
___ Urgah [silver with Droids logo]
___ Urgah [silver]
___ Wicket
___ Wicket [silver with Droids logo]
___ Wicket [silver]
Power of the Force
United States
___ 63rd Coin [bronze]
___ 63rd Coin [gold]
___ 63rd Coin [silver]
___ A-Wing Pilot
___ A-Wing Pilot [gold]
___ A-Wing Pilot [POTF logo]
___ Amanaman
___ Amanaman [POTF logo]
___ Anakin Skywalker
___ AT-AT [Armed Fighter]
___ AT-AT [Vehicle]
___ AT-ST Driver
___ B-Wing Pilot
___ Barada
___ Bib Fortuna
___ Biker Scout
___ Boba Fett
___ C-3PO
___ C-3PO [POTF logo]
___ Chewbacca
___ Chief Chirpa
___ Creatures [cafe]
___ Creatures [cantina]
___ Darth Vader
___ Droids
___ Emperor
___ Emperor's Royal Guard
___ EV-9D9
___ EV-9D9 [POTF logo]
___ FX-7
___ Gamorrean Guard
___ Greedo
___ Han Solo Carbon Freeze
___ Han Solo Rebel (Trenchcoat) [Hans]
___ Han Solo Rebel (Trenchcoat) [Han]
___ Han Solo Rebel Fighter (Original)
___ Han Solo Rebel Hero (Hoth)
___ Hoth Stormtrooper
___ Imperial Commander
___ Imperial Dignitary
___ Imperial Gunner
___ Jawas
___ Jawas [POTF logo]
___ Lando Calrissian (General)
___ Lando Calrissian (General) [Frosted]
___ Lando Calrissian (Original)
___ Logray
___ Luke Skywalker (Bespin)
___ Luke Skywalker (Hoth)
___ Luke Skywalker (Jedi Knight)
___ Luke Skywalker (Jedi Knight) [Pitch Coin]
___ Luke Skywalker (Original)
___ Luke Skywalker (Poncho)
___ Luke Skywalker (Poncho) [POTF logo]
___ Luke Skywalker (Stormtrooper) [eyes]
___ Luke Skywalker (Stormtrooper) [no eyes]
___ Luke Skywalker (X-Wing Pilot)
___ Luke Skywalker (X-wing) [wireframe Yoda, prototype small coin]
___ Lumat
___ Millenium Falcon [Han]
___ Millenium Falcon [Rebel]
___ Obi Wan Kenobi
___ Paploo
___ Power of the Force Coin Mailer
___ Power of the Force Unproduced Coin Collector's Album
___ Princess Leia (Boushh)
___ Princess Leia (Endor)
___ Princess Leia (Original)
___ R2-D2
___ R2-D2 [gold]
___ R2-D2 [POTF logo]
___ Romba
___ Sail Skiff [no Star Wars]
___ Sail Skiff [Sail Barge]
___ Sail Skiff [Star Wars]
___ Star Destroyer Commander
___ Stormtrooper
___ Teebo
___ TIE Fighter Pilot
___ Too-One Bee
___ Tusken Raider
___ Warok
___ Warok [POTF logo]
___ Wicket
___ Yak Face
___ Yoda
___ Yoda [POTF logo]
___ Zuckuss
Star Wars Saga (1986-2007)
United States
___ C-3PO
___ Chewbacca
___ Emperor
___ Han Solo Rebel Fighter (Original)
___ Hoth Stormtrooper
___ Luke Skywalker (Poncho)
___ Princess Leia (Endor)
 Just Toys
___ Millennium Falcon
___ Millennium Falcon [silver]
___ TIE Fighter
___ TIE Fighter [silver]
___ X-Wing
___ X-Wing [silver]
Toys / Action Figure Related / Action Figure Accessories
A New Hope
___ Space Battle Display Stand
United States
 Tara Toy Corporation
___ Space Case Figure Case
___ Star World Figure Case
Droids Cartoon
United States
___ Droids C-3PO Unproduced Action Figure Case
Prototypes / Action Figure Related
A New Hope
United States
___ C-3PO Large Size Action Figure Unpainted Hardcopy Head and Torso
___ Concept Sketch for 12-Back Blister Card (Star Pattern)
___ Darth Vader Large Figure First Shot Pieces
___ Greedo Painted First Shot
___ Jawa Large Size Action Figure Kenner Quote Samples
___ Jawa Sandcrawler Wood Pattern
___ Power Droid Early Prototype
___ Power Droid Painted First Shot
___ Rocket Firing Boba Fett Missiles
___ Rocket Firing Boba Fett, Multicolored (L-Slot Version)
___ Rocket Firing Boba Fett, Toy Fair Carded Sample
___ Unproduced Wind-Up Walking C-3PO
___ Wax Sculpt for Chewbacca Figure
___ Wax Sculpt for Greedo Figure
 Kenner Canada
___ Regal Chewbacca Store Display Prototype Doll and Costume
Empire Strikes Back
United States
___ Dagobah Tree Limb Unpainted Hardcopy
___ Dewback Hardcopy
___ Gold Vader Case
___ IG-88 Painted Hardcopy
___ Leia Bespin Action Figure Photoart
___ Leia Hoth Unpainted First Shot and two versions of the production figure
___ Plaster Sculpt for Lando Calrissian Unproduced Large Size Figure Head
___ Princess Leia in Bespin Gown Hair Rooting Master
___ Probot First Shot
___ Prototype Darth Vader Cases
___ Prototype White Mold Vader Case Test
Revenge of the Jedi
United States
___ Carded Revenge of the Jedi 2-1B
___ Carded Revenge of the Jedi 4-LOM
___ Carded Revenge of the Jedi Ben Kenobi
___ Carded Revenge of the Jedi Cloud Car Pilot
___ Carded Revenge of the Jedi IG-88
___ Carded Revenge of the Jedi Lando Calrissian
Return of the Jedi
United States
___ 8D8 2-up Unpainted Blue Harvest Hardcopy
___ Alternate Clear C-3PO Mold Test Case
___ B-Wing First Shot
___ Bib Fortuna Painted Hardcopy
___ C-3PO Case Early Sample
___ C-3PO Clear Mold Test Case
___ C-3PO Dull Gold Test Case
___ C-3PO Packaging Test Case
___ C-3PO White Mold Test Case
___ Dull Gold Vader Case
___ General Madine Carded Figure Signed Production Sample
___ Hardcopy C-3PO Case
___ Jabba the Hutt Conceptual and Production Prototypes
___ Nikto Action Figure Prototypes
___ Nikto Unpainted Hardcopy
___ Prototype C-3PO Cases
___ Red Cape Bib Fortuna
___ Silver C-3PO Case
___ Squid Head Unpainted Hardcopy Belt
___ Sy Snootles and the Rebo Band Signed Production Sample
___ Teebo Accessory First Shots
Droids Cartoon
United States
___ C-3P0 Paint Master
___ Droids C-3PO Case Boxed
___ Droids C-3PO Case Boxed
___ Mungo Baobab Unpainted First Shot Head
___ Tig and Sise Fromm Unpainted First Shots
___ Unproduced Droids and Ewoks Figures
___ Droids Boba Fett Star Wars Galaxy Card #199
Ewoks Cartoon
United States
___ Wax Sculpts for Bondo, Chituhr, and Dulok Scout Figure Heads
Power of the Force
United States
___ Han Hoth Collectors Series Prototype
___ POTF2 Collectors Series 12 inch Tauntaun First Shot
___ POTF2 Collectors Series 12 inch Wampa First Shot
___ POTF2 Han Carbonite Early Product Sample
___ Amanaman Action Figure Plastic Swatches
___ Amanaman Figure Unpainted Hardcopy
___ Carded POTF B-Wing Pilot Photo Sample
___ Carded POTF Bossk Photo Sample
___ Carded POTF Cloud Car Pilot Photo Sample
___ Carded POTF Greedo Photo Sample
___ Carded POTF Lando Calrissian Photo Sample
___ Carded POTF Prune Face Photo Sample
___ EV-9D9 Blue Harvest 2-up Hardcopy
___ Han Carbonite Block Early Sculpting & Mold
___ POTF2 Bith Band Member First Shot
___ POTF2 C-3PO Mold Test Case
___ POTF2 C-3PO Talking Electronic Case Toy Fair Prototype
___ POTF2 First Shots
___ Romba Prototypes
___ Sand Skimmer and Imperial Sniper Production Samples
___ Wax Sculpt for Amanaman Figure
___ Wax Sculpt for EV-9D9 Figure
___ Wax Sculpt for Han Carbonite Figure
___ Wax Sculpt for Romba Figure
___ Wax Sculpts for Luke Stormtrooper and Luke Jedi Action Figure Heads
Star Wars Saga (1986-2007)
United States
___ M.A.S.K. scale Luke Skywalker X-Wing Pilot figure conceptual mock-up
Star Wars Special Editions
United States
___ Carded Spirit of Obi-Wan
Phantom Menace
United States
___ Jar Jar Figure Wax Sculpt
Books / Activity and Coloring
Droids Cartoon
United States
___ Unproduced Droids Coloring Book
Posters / Advertising
A New Hope
United States
 General Mills
___ Cheerios Poster Offer Poster
Attack of the Clones
___ Anakin/Clone Trooper Nestle Cereal Poster (Gratis)
Art / Animation Cels
Droids Cartoon
United States
 Lucasfilm, Ltd.
___ Droids Miscellaneous Production Animation Cel
Ewoks Cartoon
United States
 Lucasfilm, Ltd.
___ Ewoks Miscellaneous Production Animation Cel
Star Wars Saga (1986-2007)
United States
 The Jim Henson Company
___ Animal as Yoda Muppet Babies Animation Cel
Games / Arcade
___ Star Wars PInball Game
Books / Art and Portfolios
 SFT Productions
___ The Force in the Flesh
Electronics / Audio Equipment
United States
___ Star Wars Rocks 30 Gb Video iPod Case
___ Star Wars Rocks 60 Gb Video iPod Case
___ Stormtrooper Attack Nano iPod Cover
Celebrity Items / Autographs
United States
 Lucasfilm, Ltd.
___ Mark Hamill Autographed Plaque (QVC Exclusive)
Luggage / Backpacks
United States
___ Boba Fett Patch Black Faux Leather Backpack
Event Collectibles / Public / Conventions / Barna Con
 Spain SW Fan Club
___ Barna Con 2000 Domingo Badge (Darth Maul)
___ Barna Con 2000 Sabado Badge (Queen Amidala)
___ Barna Con 2000 Staff Badge (C-3PO and R2-D2)
___ Barna Con 2000 Weekend Badge (Boba Fett)
Apparel / Headgear / Baseball Caps
Empire Strikes Back
United States
 Thinking Cap
___ Yoda Ears Hat (Yellow)
Star Wars Saga (1986-2007)
United States
 Exclusive Collectibles, Inc.
___ Hardware Wars Cap
Store Displays / Food / Beverage
Phantom Menace
United States
___ Darth Maul Statue
___ Jar Jar Statue
___ Watto Statue
___ Yoda Statue
Revenge of the Sith
___ R2-D2 Cooler Store Display Sign
Toys / Role-Playing / Blasters
A New Hope
United States
___ 3 Position Laser Rifle
___ Laser Pistol (with LP logo, Han Photo on Outer Ring of box, 'Secret' Button)

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