STAR TOYS 1st French Fanmade magazine
Some collectors from around the world were forerunners in Star Wars collecting, and it often comes down to less than a handful persons. Daniel Rous is one of them for FRANCE. He was a huge fan of pop-culture related toys in the early-1980s and used to, early on, visit the U.S.A. as much as he could, in order to bring home toy from many series; this was before collectibles shops developed and toys from foreign countries were very difficult to source.

The item featured here is special issue from 1990 of the first french fanmade magazine related to Star Wars collecting - "STAR WARS - STAR TOYS" magazine, initiated in 1984. It provided emerging Star Wars collectors guidance on toys and price guide along with ads from various licensees.

Two anecdotes are worth noting. First, as networking slowly developed through classifieds, Daniel came in touch with Thomas Tumbusch who authored several collectibles price guides. Daniel’s b&w photos of Star Wars action figures in rows ended being used in the famous "Space Adventure Collectibles", as you can see in those pictures. Secondly, Daniel collecting hobbyhorse became so spoken of that he ended up having 3 pages long article in a serious French Economics magazine "Science et Vie Économie" in which they stated that "Value of Star Wars toys increase faster than a Van Gogh painting" – not sure that is one remains valid though with the hype on Art of the mid-2000s.

Description by: Stephane Faucourt
Photo: Stephane Faucourt
From the collection of: Stephane Faucourt
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