Miro Meccano playing card deck
Featured here is playing card deck produced by Miro-Meccano for its internal use and as a corporate giveaway to customers. Such kind of item, especially for Miro/Meccano is truly scarce. This one is still new in it's plastic box.

Producing such item was not necessarily expensive for Miro-Meccano as part of the Group was 'France Cartes' a company responsible for printing cardboard (packaging) but also specialized in playing card decks. This company still exists as of today as a leading company for gaming (eg. battle, tarot...) and businesses - (eg. Scrum) card decks; it is known under the Grimaud / France-Cartes branding.

It's a standard deck though apart from the back of the cards which features the Miro-Meccano logo.

The real interest here is about the 3 top cards which emphasize on both companies history with key messages: 1901 the creation of the Meccano brand from Franck Hornby, 1936 Miro launched the world-famous Monopoly in France, concluded by 1981 with the merge between Miro and Meccano leading to the 1st toy producer for the French market.

One last detail is how the logos have been 'poorly' edited on the 1901 and 1936 cards to merge into the definitive logo on the 1981 card... at least they didn't put too much marketing efforts into it.

Description by: Stephane Faucourt
Photo: Stephane Faucourt
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