Imperio Contraataca Sobre Sorpresa Unopened Pack
In early 80s spanish Editorial Fher S.A. released the stickers/cards album for “El Imperio Contraataca” in Spain, the same was also published in UK and other countries. To capitalize on the hype of the second Star Wars movie they also produced the elusive surprise paper bag which included toys and also sealed packs of the “El Imperio Contraataca” regular stickers/cards collection in Spain. On top of the toy and the sealed pack of regular stickers Fher was also including inside the surprise bag these nice cards that are the size of standard US trading cards. There are 12 of these cards as you can see in the pictures, they edited the images removing background in most of cases, even removing partially the legs of probe droid. People say also that when kids finished the regular stickers album and sent it to Fher they returned it to them with this full set of 12 exclusive cards but I have no evidence or confirmation of that. What I know for sure is that the surprise paper bags included one of these on each. This is an extremely expensive and rare collectible in Spain.
Description by: Javier Florencio
Photo: Javier Florencio
From the collection of: Javier Florencio
Film:Empire Strikes Back
Licensee:Editorial Fher
Category:Trading Cards and Discs


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