La Fuerza en La Guerra de Las Galaxias (The Force of SW)
Produced in 1978, this is the Spanish version of "The Force of Star Wars" book by Frank Allnutt (released in USA in 1977). There were several editions of this book. First edition from 1978 has purple-blueish color in the cover while the re-edition of 1994 has a blueish color. The book covers the parallels between Star Wars and The Bible and what the Force means from a religious perspective. Interesting last page featuring the parallels between Star Wars characters and the Bible. This is a very rare Spanish piece of memorabilia.
Description by: Javier Florencio
Photo: Javier Florencio
From the collection of: Javier Florencio
Film:A New Hope
Licensee:Editorial Clie
Category:Books / Non-Fiction


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