Escape From The Death Star Game bootleg UFO
This is the bootleg vintage version of Kennerís popular ESCAPE FROM DEATH STAR board game. The bootleggers were extremely cautious in order to avoid copyright infringement in Europe, therefore it should be actually considered a knockoff rather than a bootleg. The result is a box with a generic UFO design on the outside But with an entirely bootlegged Star Wars board game in the inside. The only element that may hint itís a Star Wars bootleg from the outside is its characteristic double silver race track, used in early Kenner SW collectibles.

The specimen I found was still shrink-wrapped, although torn on the left side. Apparently nobody had opened it yet. The plastic sleeve was really tightly attached to the box, but I managed to remove it without breaking it.

The board in the inside is an identical smaller cut-out version of the licensed one. The names in English have been crossed out in a careless fashion, and replaced with Greek translations, although avoiding any direct mentioning of SW copyrighted names. The cards donít bring any design on them, only text. It is a simplified version of the original one. No cardboard markers, just 6 generic board game color markers. And a simplified monochromatic spinner.

We include a couple of pics with the Greek version side by side with the Spanish (Spain) licensed version, in order to underline the differences between the two.

Description by: Gonzalo Diaz-Faes
Photo: Gonzalo Diaz-Faes
From the collection of: Gonzalo Diaz-Faes
Film:A New Hope
Category:Games / Board


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