1978 POPAI Award for 12-Figure Action Figure Merchandiser
This POPAI award was presented to Kenner in 1978 to recognize the company's floor display designed to promote Star Wars action figures. POPAI is short for "Point-of-Purchase Advertising Institute," an organization that has recognized exceptional store merchandising for decades. The award is the known as an OMA, short for "Outstanding Merchandising Achievement."

You're probably wondering, "Why a Native American?" The form of the award harks back to the carved figures of Native Americans that once adorned tobacco shops. The cigar-store Indian -- the earliest store display!

This very award was featured in a 1978 Kenner sales bulletin. The bulletin also features a shot of the full merchandiser, which consisted of the 12-figure display bell and a rotating wire fixture. According to the documents featured here, Kenner shipped over 5,000 of these merchandisers in 1978.

For more information on this award, see Kenner Collector.

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Film:A New Hope
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