R2-D2 Celio store TFA display
This R2 unit was designed and produced especially for the CELIO french apparel brand for in-store promotion of their TFA Star Wars line in late 2015.

Very few of those R2 were actually made as they were intended only for large stores which would carry several collections from the brand.

It is hand-assembled, and made of printed plastic, cardboard, and metal. The dome is actually made of a salad-bowl from IKEA stores. The vintage Kenner R2 figure is pictured next to it for size reference, as you can see it is pretty big.

I was lucky enough to get one of those directly from a store and I was very popular when I bring it back at home with me using public transporation...

Description by: Stephane Faucourt
Photo: Stephane Faucourt
From the collection of: Stephane Faucourt
Film:The Force Awakens
Category:Store Displays / Retailer Specific


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