Photographs of Concept Model for Droids Lightsaber
The Droids-branded Lightsaber was the last lightsaber toy released during the vintage era. Its small size made it somewhat unsatisfactory. It was really more of a Droids Switchblade.

The fascinating thing about the handmade model depicted in the above photos is its hilt: it appears to be based on the lightsaber carried by Obi-Wan Kenobi in the first Star Wars film. On the other hand, the finished product, with its stacked rings, seems based -- somewhat more appropriately -- on Luke's saber from Return of the Jedi.

As you've probably noticed, the model bears a ROTJ sticker. This indicates that it was originally intended to be released outside the context of the Droids line. At least one extant packaging mock-up shows the product in Power of the Force packaging.

On the back of one of the photos is written "Knight Sword." By the time this model was created Kenner had been involved with the Star Wars license for six or seven years. And yet the company contained at least one employee who was unfamiliar with the term "lightsaber."

Description by: Ron Salvatore
Photo: Tim Eckholdt
From the collection of: Tim Eckholdt
Country:United States
Film:Droids Cartoon
Category:Prototypes / Product Concepts


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