Concept Model for RoboCop Rifle Based on ROTJ Laser Rifle Carry Case
With the possible exception of Steve Scout, the RoboCop line is the most fascist thing Kenner ever did.

Why are we featuring a RoboCop prototype on a Star Wars site? Well, this particular RoboCop prototype was created using the Return of the Jedi Laser Rifle Carry Case. When conceptualizing the RoboCop line, the folks at Kenner grabbed the existing ROTJ product and mocked it up using paint and decals so that it resembled something from the future of a militarized Earth. It was an apt choice: the Laser Rifle Carry Case has always struck me as being insufficiently Star Wars-y in terms of looks.

In addition to the obvious cosmetic modifications, the Laser Rifle Carry Case was opened up and the trigger mechanism from an off-the-shelf toy gun was incorporated into the model. The Carry Case does not have a working trigger. No such wussiness could be allowed to affect RoboCop and his Ultra Police.

As far as I know nothing resembling this prototype was released in the RoboCop line. The closest thing I've found is the above-pictured Ultra-Blaster, which was featured in Kenner's 1989 Toy Fair catalog and boasted "rapid repeat cap firing and a gatling gun feature that rotates the barrels as the child fires!" Note that the package containing the Ultra-Blaster also included a Robo-Helmet, so that the head of your young Ultra-Cop would stay protected as he suppressed dissent and consolidated the power of the totalitarian police state of the future.

Description by: Ron Salvatore
Photo: Ron Salvatore
From the collection of: Ron Salvatore
Country:United States
Film:Return of the Jedi
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