Trilogo R2-D2 (Sensorscope) French variant
This is the R2-D2 "Sensorscope" figure on TRILOGO european packaging as retailed in various countries accross Europe. This card packaging features a standard French licensee MECCANO 65-back type bubble, short version for small action figures such as the R2. The card comes punched, printed on the thick cardstock, which is common on Trilogo figures released for the French market.

The figure itself is NOT a "sensorscope" action figure but a regular R2-D2 figure. This is not a production error - Meccano French "Retour du Jedi" (Return of the Jedi) and early French Trilogo R2-D2 sensorscope cards were all packaged with the regular R2 figure!!

Although initially produced for the whole European market, minor details were changed depending on the country they were packaged and retailed. The group picture below is a perfect illustration of Trilogo packaging variants that can be found for a same figure, from LEFT to RIGHT:

- French Trilogo R2-D2 sensorscope
- Trilogo R2-D2 sensorscope regular mass-market packaging
- Trilogo R2-D2 sensorscope "70-C" latter card variant

Description by: Stephane Faucourt
Photo: Stephane Faucourt
From the collection of: Stephane Faucourt
Film:Return of the Jedi
Category:Toys / Action Figure Related / Small Action Figures (Licensed)


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