Chewbacca Large Size Action Figure
This Chewbacca doll was issued in France by Meccano. A quick inspection reveals several details that makes this item possibly rarer and much more appealing than the regular version.

The standard -and 1st version- of the chewbacca doll for the French market had a full French box including wording, logo (Guerre des Etoiles) and character name (CHIQUETABA).

The toy shown here is the 2nd release of the toy for the ESB line and it's not packaged in a full french box (probably because of the line lack of success and they didn't wanted to go into production again). The box is from Denys Fisher licensee (Denys Fisher dolls were also widely available for UK Palitoy releases), the french text and logo are added using a black background sticker. The colors & shape of the Meccano logo indicates that this item was released in 1980 and sold over 1980-1981, which makes sense since the dolls were also featured in both retailer catalogs. It is difficult to judge which of both versions is the rarest since the regular Chewbacca version is not as easy to find as Leia, Ben and Jawa.

Description by: Stephane Faucourt
Photo: Anonymous
From the collection of: Anonymous
Film:Empire Strikes Back
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