Power of the Force Luke X-wing Cromalin
The Power of the Force series represents Kenner's final action figure series of the vintage line. The sleek blister card design and inclusion of a coin premium have earned them a special place in collectors minds. As such, Power of the Force proof cards and cromalins are revered by prototype collectors similar to the way their production counterparts are coveted by production toy collectors. The cromalin shown above features Luke X-wing, a character that first debuted on the 20-back Star Wars card style.

A character like Luke X-wing, debuting early in the Star Wars line, affords the opportunity to assemble an incredibly deep series of packaging prototypes should a collector wish to undertake such a task. The wide range of cardfront and cardback combinations provides a significant challenge for a collector assembling a series, however the resulting accomplishment in such a feat is incredibly rewarding. Marc Caraway is cleary up to the challenge having squirreled away quite a few superb cromalins and proof cards for the character.

Description by: Michael G. Mensinger
Photo: Marc Caraway
From the collection of: Marc Caraway
Country:United States
Film:Power of the Force
Category:Prototypes / Prototype Packaging and Proofs


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