Tri-Pod Laser Cannon Photoart
Photoart is related to toy packaging in the same way original sculptings are related to action figures. In other words, while an original sculpting serves as the master item from which all corresponding toys figures are derived, the photoart serves as the master from which all toy packaging are derived. Given this fact, it's not surprising that photoart is held in high regard by pre-production collectors.

The first piece of Tri-pod Laser Cannon photoart corresponds to the image used on the packaging's front face. As such, it is the most appealing and detailed of the images. Airbrushed highlights extensively exist amongst various regions of the cannon itself and the background.

The final three artwork pieces show additional imagery utilized on the toy packaging and represent three of the four panels located on the packaging sides (2 per side). Hand painted and airbrushed details serve to convey simulated movement on portions of the tri-pod cannon and the child's hand in these images. Hand done highlights also exist on various portions of the cannon in each photoart piece.

Martijn, an avid Hoth Stormtrooper enthusiast, has further augmented his character collection by branching out into all things Tri-pod Laser Cannon. This serves as a nice compliment to his Hoth Stormtrooper pieces since the character is featured prominently on the tri-pod cannon packaging.

Description by: Michael G. Mensinger
Photo: Martijn Emmelot
From the collection of: Martijn Emmelot
Country:United States
Film:Empire Strikes Back
Category:Prototypes / Product Artwork


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